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color: green
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location: east
life: family & health
body: liver & feet
virtue: benevolence
energy: psychic


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  Feng Shui Design


professional apprentice program

The classical compass method one year program consists of 10 weekends of intensive study per year. Saturday sessions are in Chicago and the class is repeated in Milwaukee on Sunday. There will be several intensive programs during the week for the design professional. The weekend sessions will be held on the fourth weekend of the month. Most, if not all sessions will be video taped for those unable to attend in person. View current schedule or details of program.

The purpose of this program is to provide technical compass instruction that will help dedicated individuals to become qualified classic traditional consultants with a technical support system. Feng shui is an ancient Asian oral tradition and almost demands a teacher/student (Si Fu/grasshopper) relationship to achieve optimum success. This year long program qualifies you in the compass method. The Black Sect Tantric Buddhist spiritual method, offered here again next year, is a program highly recommended, but not covered in this program.

Pam Kai Tollefson, Midwest consultant since 1992, would provide the majority of instruction and would occasionally bring in colleagues and specialists in related fields that could provide an expanded view to the curriculum.

public lecture series

Pam provides lectures to address various topics of interest to homeowners and special interest groups.

No public events are scheduled at this time. Please contact Pam if you would like to engage her to speak to your group.