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Pam Kai Tollefson portrait
Pam Kai Tollefson

  Feng Shui Design

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pam kai tollefson

  • Founder of Feng Shui Design Midwest Institute for quality comprehensive education
  • President of Feng Shui Design consulting in homes and businesses internationally since 1992
  • Feng shui pioneer in the Midwest based in the Chicago/Milwaukee area
  • Lecturer and speaker to groups and organizations. Will custom design a training program to fit your needs: architect, acupuncturist, builder, designer.
  • Interior designer specializing in window treatments, fabric, and furniture
  • Floral designer and landscaper
  • Graduate student of Grand Master Lin Yun in US and Taiwan
  • Traveler in Hong Kong, Bangkok, China, and Korea
  • Graduate of the American Feng Shui Institute training in classical compass methods
  • Metaphysician, designer, astrologer, holistic health and Reiki energy worker
  • Speaker at the First International Feng Shui Conference in San Diego, 1996
  • Guest on HGTV Kitchen Design and all major network television and radio programs in Milwaukee and Chicago. Advised Chicago Cubs on WGN Radio.
  • Subject of numerous newspaper and magazine articles in Chicago /Milwaukee area
  • Contributing author to Contemporary Earth Design: A Feng Shui Anthology by Jami Lin

Pam says,

"By necessity MY education was acquired elsewhere: from Coast to Coast and abroad. I've had the privilege of studying with the best teachers in the country and the world. I consult, teach and network with feng shui professionals everywhere. I would like to pass this knowledge on through this facility and introduce my colleagues' work. I am committed to the 'middle of the country' as my destiny, my karma, and my feng shui."

Grand Master Lin Yun and Pam Kai Tollefson
H. H. Grandmaster Lin Yun (left)

Born with an auto immune condition and its accompanying sensitivity to environments, Pamela has put this sensitivity to positive use with feng shui. She uses feng shui to maintain her own health and well being. Her intent in the practice of feng shui is to create and sustain supportive environments for nurturing life and achieving success at home, at work, or wherever you are.

Pam founded The Feng Shui Design Institute as a resource for people in Chicago and the Midwest who want feng shui in their city and in their lives. The Feng Shui Design Institute is dedicated to quality education of the Feng Shui discipline. The institute provides classes, lectures, seminars and individual training. The facility is the first of its kind focusing on the total environment. Visiting lecturers speak on related fields such as: interior design, architecture, color, bau-biologie, landscaping, conservation, cultural and spiritual topics.


Comments from Clients

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October 2001

YWCA writes:

People are still talking about your wonderful presentation, again, thanks.

May 2001

On behalf of the Lake Forest Chapter of Infant Welfare, please accept our sincere thanks for donating your time and positive energy to our ... efforts. The feng shui event was a hugely successful special event... Everyone was so interested in the philosophy of feng shui, as you could tell from the numerous questions and the fact that few people were ready to leave. You made [feng shui] ... so much fun and easy and interesting.

June 2000

Dear Pam,

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the June class at Bella Vista. In 2 1/2 hours you gave an excellent overview on the Basics and Beyond. The past weekend I have been looking at everything through "enhanced eyes." I look forward to taking more classes with you.

On behalf of the Asian Moon Festival 2001, I would like to thank you very much for your participation in our "Wellness and Cultural Arts Village." Your demonstration was one of the reasons for our overwhelming success because it was entertaining and informative.

An editor with an in-home office writes:

Dear Pam,

I'm sorry it has taken so long to let you know how the feng shui worked. You came by on July 30. I asked you to focus on career/wealth. I made all the changes you suggested ...

Results: August - pathetic; no work

September - a trickle of work

October - a very well-paying easy-to-do project. followed by a TON (yes, literally, it's been that much) of work

November - more work than I can handle.

Thank you very much for all your ideas. After your visit, I told people that the feng shui was going to help my awful economic position, and they looked at me somewhat skeptically. Now, after the wonderfully dramatic results, those people are, let us say, curious.

P.S. I forgot to tell you about the two $1000 checks an old (83 yr) friend gave me.

A couple who have had a condo for sale for many years write:

Dear Pam,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We sold the condo just five days after finishing your recommendations.

Who will believe that stirring up the chi finally made it happen? Now we can finally get moving

Will fax you the plans (on the new house) next week.

A phone message left in a follow-up phone call a week after a residential consultation, a suburban mother of a teenager says:

In a nutshell...
Overnight there was a change in my daughter, in our relationship and even how she talks to me. It's wonderful. I am thrilled.

Another client reports:

Dear Pam,
We are expanding the store once again. We are taking over the space on the south when it becomes available in June...
We have a tentative plan we think you will approve of, but we need your expertise to be sure. Check your schedule...

A business owner responds:

Business has almost doubled in the last three months. A half million dollar order came out of no where the day after you were here.