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Feng Shui To Go - Ancient Keys for Driving your Car

A book by Pam Kai Tollefson

Pam Kai Tollefson, a feng shui consultant in the Midwest since 1992, has driven thousands miles - mostly around Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI. As Pam drives from place to place, she ingeniously incorporates the ideas of a "moving place," to her car, and the vehicles around her.

She brings humor to these astute observations of the colors, styles of cars, traffic, and flow of chi (energy) - but not during rush hour and totally without road rage, of course. Her vehicle has Oriental carpets on the seats and feng shui cures in her car. Pam knows that feng shui works where ever you go. Learn how to create peace and harmony in your car and success on the road.

Out of print.

Feng Shui To Go book cover Feng Shui To Go back cover

Instant car-ma by Nancy Watkins
An account of a consultation with Pam to remove "a decade of bad chi brought on by urban driving" in preparation for a holiday weekend trip.
(Appeared in Chicago Tribune online edition)